Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Appalachian Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers. The Appalachian Section shall include all of the counties in West Virginia; the following Ohio counties: Jefferson, Belmont, Monroe, Washington, Athens, Meigs, Gallia, and Lawrence: and the following Maryland counties: Allegheny, Garrett, and Washington.


Article II

The object of this association shall be the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics with special reference to the teaching of the subject.


 Article III

1. Regular members shall consist of residents in the section area who are teaching physics or are qualified to teach physics in the universities, colleges, and secondary schools of the section.

2. Associate members who may not hod office; but shall otherwise have all the duties and privileges of the regular members, shall consist of other interested persons eligible to be regular members of the American Association of Physics Teachers (e.g., science supervisors in the public schools).


 Article IV

The officers of the Section (whose duties shall be those ordinarily associated with those offices) shall be a president, a vice-president for college and university teachers, a vice-president for high school teachers who will normally also serve as the representative to the committee on high school physics, and a secretary-treasurer. One of the vice-presidents will be designated as president-elect by the nominating committee. Other officers are: a sectional representative to serve on the AAPT Council, a representative to the committee on two-year and community colleges, and a Section membership and recruitment chair- person. The terms of the president and the president-elect shall be for one year and they may not be re-elected to the same office for the next year. They may, however, at the same time serve as sectional representative, or representative to the committee on high-school or two-year colleges. The President-elect will be host and program chair for the next annual meeting and will become President at such meeting. The Secretary-treasurer shall serve until s/he resigns for for some other reason is unable to continue to serve in this position. The sectional representative, the representative to the committee on two-year and community colleges, and the section membership and recruitment chairman shall serve three year terms, beginning at an annual meeting. Officers other than the President, shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Section.


Article V

1. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the elected officers and the two preceding presidents. The Section shall be governed by the Executive Committee.

2. Other committees may be appointed from time to time by the Executive Committee, or formed by a vote of the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting. The term of such appointments shall be for one year or less as specified by the Executive Committee at the time of appointment.


 Article VI

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those attending a regularly scheduled annual meeting or by a mail ballot conducted by the Executive Committee.



Article I

The Sectional dues shall be $5.00 a year for all active regular members, payable on or before the date of the regular annual meeting. A registration fee will be assessed for each annual meeting. Students are exempt from registration fees.


Article II

1. The regular annual meeting of the Section shall be held during the fall of each year, the place to be decided upon at the preceding annual meeting, and the exact date to be decided upon later by the Executive Committee.

2. Other special meetings may be called and arranged for by the Executive Committee.

3. Notice of the time and place of the annual and special meetings shall be sent to all regular members by the Secretary-treasurer.






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